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Welcome to

Atlantic Plastic Recycling

Main Functions:

  • Sourcing plastic scrap material (LLDPE, LDPE & HDPE)
  • Providing collection & transport services for plastic scrap collection centres
  • Buying centre for non-hazardous plastic scrap material (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE & PP)
  • Grading & sorting services for plastic scrap material
  • Washing of plastic scrap material
  • Recycling & pelletizing of plastic scrap material
  • Selling & distributing high quality recycled Polyethylene pellets to various plastic
    converters (plastic product manufacturers including industrial piping, Boardwalk & Deck planking, poles, pallets & Outdoor furniture manufacturers)

Who we associate with:

Atlantic Plastic Recycling | Plastics Industry
What makes us special?

  • Our employees, their welfare, management & development
  • Quality consistency of our products and services
  • Reliability in meeting customer deadlines
  • Our track record in the industry since 1986
  • Our reputation as "honest brokers" & "promise keepers" (we do not make promises that we cannot or do not intend to keep)
  • Our passion for a cleaner environment for now & our future generations to enjoy
  • We provide the highest quality recycling & pelletizing capabilities to our clients and, as such, have an enviable reputation in the industry
  • The specialised nature & quality of our plant, equipment & machinery
  • We have our own weighbridge on our premises which facilitates & increases loading & offloading efficiencies.

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